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Central Almaguin was established as a region in the mid 2000’s when the looming Highway by-pass was finally being realized. The region brings together four distinct municipalities who each have their own unique attributes and qualities. The area was first settled due to the logging impact on the area. At one time, the area also boasted the largest charcoal plant in Canada.

There is a rich history of arts and culture within the region, especially due to our proximity to Algonquin Park. Tom Thomson was well known in the South River area, and directly influenced the artists who came to be known as The Group of Seven, although he passed away prior to the groups formation. The arts culture is still vibrant in Central Almaguin, which is encompassed by the Almaguin Highlands Arts Council, and has many artists and studios in the area.

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Central Almaguin is an area that has an abundance of natural beauty. With the many lakes and trails in the area it is not hard to guess as to why there are many participants in all of our year round activities. In the summer swimming, hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating and fishing (particularly in Mikisew and Algonquin Provincial Parks) are popular activities. In the winter people enjoy ice fishing, dog-sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hockey.

Hockey is so popular in this area that it is arguable that Sundridge is the home of the largest percentage of NHL players to share a hometown of less than 1000 population. Players include Wilfred “Bucko” McDonald, Bill McCreary, Bill McCreary Jr, Keith McCreary, Ron Attwell, Bob Attwell, Greg Theberge, and Greg deVries. Eagle Lake is also the home of the Hockey Opportunity Camp where kids from around the world are able to participate in summer camp, while gaining skills and coaching for the hockey season.

The region boasts many unique restaurants and shops that draw people in on an international scale, manufacturers that produce goods that are sent globally, and provides all of the services that anyone living here, visiting here, or doing business here would need.

For our complete Community Profile, click here: CAEDA Community Profile 2013

Who We Are

We Are The Central Almaguin Economic Development Association

The Central Almaguin Economic Development Association, or CAEDA (kay-dah) for short, is made up of the municipalities of South River, Joly, Strong and Sundridge, with the common goal of strengthening the regional economy. In 2008, these municipalities decided that by working together they could become stronger in the pursuit of economic development.  Councillors from each area meet together to further the regional goals.

CAEDA is focused on ensuring our social and economic stability.  Our committee supports local businesses, encourages investment, and works to draw tourists to the Central Almaguin region.  One of our first major accomplishments was to have the no signage on Hwy. 11 decision overturned.

Our establishment is committed to being both environmentally and economically friendly, through supporting programs that leave a minimal impact on the surrounding geographical area.

Our guiding factors will give you further insight as to who we are: We aim to be an effective agent in the attraction, retention, and development of businesses or enterprises which contribute to the economic, social, and general well being of the communities.

  • We act as a liaison between prospecting business people and elected officials and municipal staffing.
  • We are a catalyst for economic development initiatives for the municipalities.
  • We make every effort to ensure the local human and natural resources are utilized.
  • We ensure the projects promoted compliment the preservation of our environment.
  • We combine our communities’ complimentary strengths and weaknesses to provide greater synergy.
  • We pool resources for investment attraction and economic development

What We Do

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Growth And Development Of The Economy

Read the Central Almaguin Strategic Plan

CAEDA is the agency through which we hope to spur on the growth of the region.  We are working to define the region with the hopes of attracting both tourists and investment.  We are working towards making the Central Almaguin region the place to be.

By supporting local business we aim to encourage those who have already invested in our area to become engaged and enthusiastic about promoting the region.  Through our bi-monthly Regional Business Events we hope to bring business people together to share information to use in their businesses, and to network with other like minded people. Our branding and marketing initative is in progress with the funding FedNor has provided to us.  With our brand logo in place we can use this new identity to attract people to the area.  We have also secured NOHFC funds to hire an intern to work as Economic Development Officer.  Through their work we hope to cultivate a sense of solidarity between all of the communities- what is good for one, is good for everyone.There are always new projects, always new challenges to be met.  We continue to work towards prosperity for the region.

If you have any questions, feel free to email one of our representatives on the Links and Contact Us page.

Read the Central Almaguin Strategic Plan

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