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Almaguin Highlands Secondary School

21 Mountainview Road, South River, ON, P0A 1X0 | Phone: 705-472-5563

Almaguin Highlands Secondary School is a new school with a long and interesting history, located in South River, Ontario.

After many years of providing a high level of education to students from over 20 different communities, a new building was erected and opened in September of 2011.  The new building boasts state of the art technologies and the continuation of traditions established over the long history of the school, including the naming of hallways in the new building after Scottish clans that reflected the heritage of much of the population of the area years ago; the hallway names also paralleled the names of the halls in the old school.  Over the years, students at Almaguin have found their individual pathways to success in areas like Drama, Music, Art, Sport, Technology, Academics, and Community Leadership.  Today, two Specialist High Skills Major programs are offered including studies in Media Arts and Outdoor Education.  If you would like to learn more about us, please come and visit; we would love to give you a tour!

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