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Contact the 4 municipalities that make up the Central Almaguin region:

Village of Sundridge
110 Main Street
Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0

[email protected]

CAEDA Members: Mayor Lyle Hall

Village of South River
63 Marie Street P.O. Box 310
South River, ON P0A 1X0


CAEDA Member: Councillor Sharon Smith

Strong Township
28 Municipal Lane (formerly 1713 Highway # 11)
Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0


CAEDA Member: Councillor Jason Cottrell

Joly Township
871 Forest Lake Rd
Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0

[email protected]

CAEDA Member: Councillor Chris Nicholson

Come see us in the main office or reach us by email:

CAEDA Office:
28 Municipal Lane
PO Box 1120

Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0
(Strong Township Municipal Building)

[p] 705.384.9430
[c] 705.840.6431

Chair: Chris Nicholson – [email protected]

Vice Chair: Sharon Smith – [email protected]

Economic Development Officer: Courtney Metcalf


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